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Isak Arvid Persson Johnson

Blev 81 år.

Far:Per Jonsson (1821 - 1903)
Mor:Ingrid Kristina Svensdotter (1838 - 1877)

Född:1873-07-01 Västerede, Fors (Z) 1)
Emigrerade:1889-02-25 Nord Amerika 1)
Begravd:1955-03 Grass Lake Mission Cemetery Section 2)
Död:1955-03-12 Isanti County, Minnesota USA 2)

Äktenskap med Georgia Adelaide Birch (1879 - 1956)

Vigsel:1901 Grass Lake, Kanabec County, Minnesota USA 2)

Eunice Vivian Johnson (1902 - 1970)
Vernon Johnson (1905 - 1905)
Sidney E Johnson (1908 - 1933)
Iva Genevieve Johnson (1909 - 1998)
Hazel Adelle Johnson (1918 - 2005)


Immigration: February 25, 1889
He was born in Sweden as Isak Arvid Persson, in America his name became Isaac Arvid Johnson
He immigrated to American February 1889. Six months later his father immigrated.
His wife was Georgia Birch. Georgia's sister Florance Birch married Isak's half nephew Clerance Levy Pierson. Clerance's father was Per Eric Persson, Isak's half brother.
Clerance died in 1923, in Kelso Washington.
Florance and family went back to Minnesota. Florance then married Clerance's cousin
Eric Anton "Tony" Pearson son of Daniel Persson, Daniel was also a half brother to Isak.
Källa: Carrie Jolayne Williams


1)Sven Edvardsson
2)Carrie Jolayne Williams