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Johan Erik Lodin

Fältjägare. Blev 50 år.

Far:Lars Larsson Lodin (1805 - 1862)
Mor:Ingrid Catharina Olofsdotter (1810 - 1869)

Född:1856-05-14 Graninge (Y) 1)
Begravd:Grass Lake Mission Cemetery Section 11 2)
Emigrerade:1889-09-08 Nord Amerika 1)Återvänder till Sverige året därpå
Död:1907-02-04 Grass Lake, Kanabec County, Minnesota USA 2)

Äktenskap med Katarina Maria Persdotter (1855 - 1925)

Vigsel:1879-06-02 Fors (Z) 3)

FRANK Frans Whilhelm Ferdinande Lodin (1879 - 1933)
Katarina Elina Lodin (1882 - 1965)
PETER LAWRENCE Per Laurentius Lodin (1885 - 1966)
HANNA Johanna Eugenia Lodin (1887 - 1987)
Beda Viktoria Lodin (1892 - 1972)
Bert John Lodin (1895 - 1975)


Burial: Grass Lake Cemetery Section 11
Military service: Soldat, Fors Parish Sweden
Ådalens släktforskarförening har under många år registrerat uppgifter ur födelse-, vigsel och dödböcker för södra Ångermanland. Hittills har man registrerat hela Kramfors kommun + några församlingar inom Sollefteå och Härnösands kommuner.
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Ådalens släktforskarförening
FROM Grandson JIM LODIN son of Bert Lodin
Grandpa John was born in Graninage Bruk, Ongermanland, Sweden in the year 1856. In 1877 he moved to Jamtland, where he met and married Grandma in 1879. Grandpa served 9 years in the Swedish Army. He came to this county in 1889, and bought 80 acres in Grass Lake township, Minnesota near Brunswick. It was here that he build a house and other farm buildings in order to bring his wife and children over from Sweden.

Old Settler Passes Away
John I. Lodin, was has been a resident of this County for the past 18 years, died at his home in Grass Lake town. Monday, Feb 4th. Mr Lodin contracted a Severe cold several weeks ago- which rapidly developed into pneumonia an on January 25th he was obliged to take to his bed. After nine days of suffering he passed to the Great Beyond.
Deceased was born In Sweden, Graminage Burk, Ongernamland, in the year 1856, moved to Jamtland in 1878. where he married two years later. Mr Lodin served nine years in the Swedish army. He came to America in 1889 to seek a home and settled in the of Grass Lake, this country , his family arriving two years. later. Mr Lodin was 50 years, eight months and 10days old at the time of his death and is survived my his wife and six children , one daughter being married, who now lives in Minneapolis.
He was a man highly respected by all who knew him, a good neighbor and a kind Husband and father, a man who has toiled early and late to secure a home, which talks he accomplished and just prepared to spend his declining years in wasw when he was taken away.
A short service will be held at the Lodin residence tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00 am and the remains taken to the Grass Lake Mission church, where funeral services will be held at 2'clock in the afternoon, when the body will be interred in the Grass Lake Cemetery.
The heartfelt sympathy of the community goes out to his family in their hour of sorrow.

Källa: Carrie Jolayne Williams, Yelm, Washington


1)Sven Edvardsson
2)Carrie Jolayne Williams
3)GID 100023.51.23000 Födde vigsel död Fors 1879 Bild 182